The UK Space Environments Conference

Download our conference programme here:
UKSEC2013 Programme

The programme

Day one of the conference will provide an opportunity for people involved in the various fields of R&D that utilise aspects of the space environment to come together to learn more detail about what the UK is doing about its membership to ELIPS, what ELIPS has to offer, how they can engage and participate more fully and plans for efficient and effective management of UK ELIPS affairs in the future. The event also provides the opportunity for cross-discipline discussion, to increase awareness of current science, find partnerships and offers the possibility to give personal views to those involved in establishing the mechanism and processes that will enable us all to efficiently engage with ELIPS.

Day two offers an update on UK space biomedicine plans and developments to delegates.  It also offers the opportunity to discuss the nature of the current 4 R&D themes planned to be pursued as part of a UK space biomedicine strategy and allows delegates to provide their input in to the proposed themes.  The Red Bull Stratos Project’s Medical Director, Dr jon Clark, (Felix Baumgartner’s flight surgeon) will be discussing Human Health and Safety at the Edge of Space.  This will be alongside updates from the UK Space Biomedicine Consortium on preparations for commercial spaceflight, human performance and telemedicine, with “Down to Earth” links showing the terrestrial applications of space research such as enhancing medicine provision for our ageing population.

Breakout sessions:

We will be running three sessions during day one of the conference based primarily around specific ELIPS research platforms. The breakout sessions are to be sub-divided as follows:
1) Bed rest and isolation analogues
2) Microgravity, parabolic flight, drop towers and sounding rockets
3) Human centrifuge and EXPOSE
We would like to invite delegates actively involved in space research and development relevant to the above breakout sessions to present a 2-3 minute (max 3 slide) presentation. This will be to give the other delegates within your breakout session an idea of the research that is currently active, to then encourage discussion and collaboration. If delegates are interested, please kindly indicate as so on the registration form, or email This will be organised on a first come, first served basis.


There will be talks around the development of the UK Space Environments Community, formed in June 2012 after the first UK Space Environments Conference.  A proposed UK Space Environments Association will be presented at the conference with opportunities for delegates from any space linked discipline to join break out discussions on the proposed structure.

More details of the proposed association can be found on the UKSEA page.

Community Breakout Session 

This is an idea that is being trialled for the first time at the UK Space Environments Conference 2013. In order to promote collaborations and research, we are providing rooms for researchers to meet in during the second half of the lunch break on day 1 of the conference.

If you would like to register for some space to meet colleagues/fellow researchers, please notify one of the conference team at the start of the day.


Students are also invited to attend their very own student centred breakout meeting where UK Space Environment student needs will be discussed and ideas brainstormed for how the new UK Space Environments Association can help meet these needs.